The Academy of Australian and New Zealand Prosthodontists approached me to create a website for their organisation. They wanted a directory of members, a blog, membership sign up and payment collection, public and private events and website access. At the time they had no logo or branding. Luckily they understood the importance of branding, so I was able to start by creating a logo and corporate identity. Together we mapped out the sitemap and page goals. I started with a wireframe for the homepage to enable us to further discuss the aims and hierarchy before starting the design.

The main difficulty was making the homepage and website useful for the two main user groups, as they come from very different places. One user group, the AANZP Members, being prosthodontists themselves, have a profound understanding of the terminology and applications of prosthodontics. Patients, the other user group, have limited if any knowledge of the field. Striking the right balance between education for patients and easy access to member interests such as sign in, events and news, was imperative to the success of this website. From our preliminary user testing, both user groups are able to find what they need swiftly.

I hired a development company to produce the custom responsive wordpress theme. This is one of the biggest websites I have produced as a freelancer. The sheer scale of tasks I had to carry out was quite challenging. I found thorough documentation of the specs, timeframes, tasks and content helped me keep control.


Time Frame:
Two Months

Project management
User Interface Design

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AANZP’s mission is to promote the highest standards of dental and general health for the community through the delivery of specialist prosthodontic services with expert knowledge and care. For their branding I wanted to capture characteristics of quality and trust, as well as a feeling of community and network. I created a decorative circular icon composed of a tooth symbol and a map pin indicating, dentistry and locations (as the AANZP community is composed of numerous experts spread across Australia and New Zealand). The circle and use of symmetry helps establish a feeling of trust, expertise, community and network. The colour pallette is a formal navy and silver, with highlights of warm yellow and light blue to bring a friendly human element. I chose the typeface Gotham Rounded for the logo. It is a technical letter that goes from friendly to high-tech with ease, embodying the technical and human aspect of the field.


A bespoke, device responsive wordpress theme. The website includes a directory of AANZP members with a customised google map, a blog, membership information and sign up, membership payment collection, public and private events, public and private pages, patient information pages.




This wireframe served as conversation piece for my client and I to test our theories about the page aims and hierarchies. It all but removed the need to iterate on the design.