Appsharp and I have created a number of things together, notably the WIX plugin of the year called Site Booster. is another idea we are developing to help small businesses. When creating a website using a template site like WIX, Weebly or Squarespace, the client still has a lot of work ahead of them. Essentially they pay money and then have more work to do. The page editors can be very tedious, and very often the template does not end up looking good. Small business owners are time poor, and usually lack design and coding knowledge. gives them the power to have a working website in minutes. They simply fill in a form, upload some photos, and the app automatically generates a website for them. We are still in the early days of developing this app, but below you can see what we have done so far.

Currently we are concentrating on enabling our clients to create their website with an app. Most of our clientele own smartphones, and carry them everywhere. This means that at any time they can create the website or add to it. Later on we will create a desktop solution.


Time Frame:
In progress

User Interface Design
User Experience Design


Here is a sneak peak of the app, illustrating some of the ux and design solutions I came up with.


As a starting point we are designing 3 themes for the business owners to choose from. They cannot edit the layout, and the design will rearrange itself depending on what information they provide. is not meant to be a substitute for a bespoke website, rather a starting point for busy small business owners.


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.52.04 amScreen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.52.04 am

Here is another theme. You can see how the information rearranges itself according to what information the business owner provides.


Wanting to link the branding to the Site Booster brand I re-used the arrow icon. I created a new suite of colours that are variations of the Site Booster colours.